See the following deadlines for guaranteed holiday delivery:
Custom order for USPS Priority - 12/5
Custom order for will-call - 12/15
Stock order for USPS Priority - 12/15
Stock orders for will-call - 12/18

We'll do our best to fill orders leading up to the 23rd, but after these dates cannot guarantee that orders will arrive in time.

ALSO - North St will be closed for our holiday break from 12/24/2015 thru 1/1/2016. We'll still be taking orders through our website, but we'll be filling orders after we return, no later than 1/12. Also, we'll be responding to inquiries (voicemail, email, website contact form) after we return.


Happy Holidays from all of us at North St Bags!

The NSB Shop HQ Grand Opening party was a huge success. A big thank you to all who came by last Friday night to take in our new retail space here at the North St headquarters. We were able to show off our full line of product and share it with friends and fans alike in an environment that really does the line justice. 


While the weather wasn't all that we had hoped for on a late spring evening here in Portland, we were still lucky enough to be able to roll open our overhead door, drag out the beanbag toss boards, and share some snacks and beers with our pals.

Also, big ups to the good folks at Ti Cycles who dropped off a loaner bike for the shop, on which we are showcasing some limited edition Route 7 bags below. This bike was their NAHBS entry this year, which features the brand new Shimano Steps E-assist motor, married to an electronic Di-2 Alfine 11 internal geared hub, via a Gates belt drive

It's pretty slick technology all around and it's worth a visit just to check out this bike! 


All in all we were thrilled to kick off a new retail venture with those closest to the brand and offer a small token of our gratitude for the support along the way. As part of our thanks, we're giving away a Route 6 bag to our favorite Instagram post from the evening, and a Handlebar Pouch to the runner up. We'll be announcing the winners of the contest shortly, so stay tuned!







As a small business owner, I often get asked "how big do you want to grow?" I always have a hard time answering this, but it usually comes down to "more, but better." It's not just growth that I want, but growth in a healthier, more sustainable way. Growth that is manageable and steerable along the right course for us as a brand and as a team. Having started North St on my own in my basement just 5 1/2 years ago, I've been thrilled to watch it grow into the company it is today, and my answer still remains "more, but better."

As an experiment last year, we participated in Portland's Downtown Pop-Up Shop program to see if opening a retail location is a viable move for us. We had a blast and were sad to pack it up at the end of the season. Right away, we started planning our next project. We've spent the past few months extending our reach to working with the best bike shops in all parts of the US, and are even shipping bags to far-away shops in places like Japan and the EU. We've landed some great press, and our online sales continue to grow. We continue to add employees slowly, and we've honed our retail strategy bit by bit.

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of NSB SHOP HQ; our new retail showroom inside our production facility. Please join us and celebrate our new space on

Friday, May 15 from 4-8 pm at 2716 SE 23rd Ave

Refreshments and prizes for all! For more up-to-date information check out our Facebook event page HERE!

Recently our friend Adam from Bicycle Times stopped by the North St shop for a tour. He spent the afternoon pokingaround the production line, our textile backstock, and on-hand inventory. He snapped some great pics and we had a really great conversation with him about our goals and hopes for North St.


In the article Adam mentions our Switch program partnership with the Community Cycling Center where we offer an incentive for people to donate their well-used panniers (which we collect for the CCC) in exchange for a 20% discount on new NSB gear. These donated bags are instrumental in making the CCC's 'Create a Commuter' program a success and something for which we're immensely proud. 

You could tell that Adam had visited a factory or two in the past. He was insightful and notably keen on some of the lean manufacturing approaches we employ. The lean strategy really enables North St. to be a flexible production shop and output bags quickly and of the highest quality possible. We constantly strive to make our process and products better and it was encouraging to see someone from outside our ranks recognize our efforts. 

Thanks for coming by Adam! Check out the full article in the current May 2015 print issue and on the iphone/ipad app online.





Right now, order a bag and get an upgrade for FREE!

Spend $100 and get one of the following:
Spend $200 and get one of the following:

To redeem, simply enter which item you'd like in the notes section during checkout. If your order meets the requirements, we'll include it for free!  Also enter a color preference (we'll do our best to get you the color of your choice)

Expires 3/24/2015



Scrap Sale

March 16, 2015


It's spring cleaning season here in PDX, and we're clearing out some old space.  We are selling fabric and other scraps from our cutting floor in an effort to keep as much as we can from going into the landfills.

Swing by our showroom for the rest of March and save on durable, high quality fabric scraps.  Most pieces are pretty small (see below for a full description), but there are still lots of uses!

Dates: NOW through 3/28

Location: 2716 SE 23rd Ave (near Clinton St)

Hours: Wed - Sat, 1 - 6pm

Endless Possibilities!

These materials are perfect for making wallets, bags, pouches, bins, sleeves, dog beds, pet toys, belts, covers, pads, camping gear, travel accessories, collages, flags and banners, mobiles, kites, mini sailing boats, play tents, tree house decor, forts, hammock covers, planters, hats, garden storage, and so much more!



Cordura Scraps $1 / lb
- mostly smaller pieces up to 8 or 12" in width
- lots of colors

Packcloth Scraps $1 / lb
- mostly black in color
- mostly smaller pieces up to 12" in width

Foam Scraps - $FREE
- high density
- mildew proof
- these are very small scrappy pieces (hence the $FREE)

xPac Sailcloth Scraps - $3 / lb
- mostly silver in color, a few red & black pieces
- waterproof, durable and super lightweight
- made in the USA

1" Webbing - $1 per yard, $7 for 10yds
- lots of colors
- polypropelyne

1000d Cordura Yardage 60" wide - $10/yd
- buy a whole yard
- colors available: Teal, Burgundy, Copper

Need more?

Do you or an organization you know of need scraps such as these? We'd love to connect! We're always looking for ways to reduce our footprint.

Happy Crafting!

It's that time of year again to open the windows, let the fresh air in, and clean out those closets! Spring Cleaning is not only refreshing and therapeutic, but also a great  time to give back to your community! Parting with your belongings can sometimes be hard, we get it. Why not give your used items to organizations where you know they'll do some real good?!

Below is a list of our favorite local donation destinations. From office supplies, old computers, to used clothing; these four local organizations have our vote for proving their positive community impact!



Is a donation based creative re-use store located in NE Portland. SCRAP hosts an array of arts & crafts supplies, party favors, and promotes local re-use based artists in their Re:Boutique. SCRAP also provides a wide range of educational opportunities within the community.

Items to Donate:  Fabric scraps, Creative art supplies, Crafting tools


Is a Portland based 501(c)(3) non-profit that transforms used electronics into opportunity, education, and community. Free Geek also offers free classes to volunteers and the general public. Classes range from general introduction to computers to creating your own website. 

Items to Donate: Printers, Computers, Electronics


Is Oregon's first and only volunteer run school supply store for teachers. Schoolhouse Supplies holds the belief that every child deserves tje right to an education and adequate school supplies. Their mission, 'to serve classrooms in need by operating a volunteer - run Free Store for Teachers, which is stocked with supplies donated by the community.' 

Items to Donate: School supplies, Paper, Book bags



Is an organization where residents of downtown Portland have the opportunity to feel part of a community. Julia West houses offers guest residents opportunities to learn, hone skills, improve their futures, and become self- sufficient. Guests are expected to be civil and sober with a common goal to a better way of life.

Items to Donate: Used Business Attire & Casual Attire for both males and females


 This Spring Cleaning season as you pack up old items, keep in mind that what may be old to you, could be new and improved to others! Recycling isn't just about packaging, it's about giving household items a face lift and a chance at new adventures! Happy Cleaning!

Yesterday, A North St. team member introduced us to Aaron Michalson, Owner of Left Coast Bicycle. It's official, Aaron's business model is the coolest! 

Left Coast Bicycle is a mobile bike shop serving the Portland, OR area. He makes house calls and business calls offering anything from 'Minor Tune- Ups' to the 'Left Coast Overhaul', which includes everything you may need to get back on the road. 

Here's Aaron at our Production Studio, going above and beyond with our co-workers tune up! 

“Great service at a good price. Someone you can trust and they will let you know If you need anything else, unlike most shops that just do the work then move onto the next bike. I for one will be a loyal customer forever to a place like this.” — Kevin F (Quoted from LCB website)


Our latest addition to the club, the Clinton Backpack, got a rad shout out from Pedal Consumption!

Check out the article!


Thank you, Bicycling Magazine for featuring our Route Nine Convertible! This 17.5 Liter convertible pack combines our sleek and classic Route Seven shell with the similar ease of our Woodward Convertible. The Route Nine features waterproof front zipper pockets, a padded sling strap, and roll top closure to make bike communing that much simpler. 

"You never know what life is going to throw at you, or what you might collect along the way."- Curtis Williams, Founder of North St. Bags. 

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